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Our Tamales
We went above and beyond with Mexican Street food, Home-made corn dough with your choice of filling wrapped in a corn husk served with salsa
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Our tortas
Once you try them you will never see food the same way again. The best of Mexican flavor between a Portuguese bun with mayo, refried beans, shredded cabbage and tomato.

We also have a breakfast option for these amazing tortas, is what you need to start your day the right way.
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Our Tostadas
6” Deep fried yellow corn tortilla with different toppings. Our tostadas are made with all the the flavor and seasoning from the streets of Mexico.
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About Us

La Loteria, the name of la Loteria comes from the famous Mexican "bingo" game. The game is composed of "boards" with different characters instead of numbers in the regular bingo. When a person wins in the game, he/she would yell "Loteria!". La Loteria Mexican Street Food is looking to commemorate that traditional game and use it as a representative of the Mexican culture and identification.

La Loteria will offer a quick and friendly service, commemorating the traditional Mexican food with the freshest and exhotic exported ingredients with homemade recipes.

We are bringing our unique and authentic cuisine options: tamales, tostadas and tortas. We are commited to bring consistently fresh and great taste.

La Loteria will serve the typical food we can find in Monterrey city streets here, at the busy streets of Vancouver. Since we were kids, we have Tortas, Tamales, and Tostadas everytime we were outside in a plaza, in a market, in a stadium, or any type of event you might think of and we can bring those unique flavours that can transport you to the North of Mexico and delight your taste buds, satisfy your belly, but most importantly, your heart.
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